• Workshop Management

This page provides access to the management functions related to Diamond Dance workshops. Workshops are defined by the following 5 downloads :

  1. Diamond Dance YEAR  -Student Registration Primary
  2. Diamond Dance YEAR  -Student Registration level 1
  3. Diamond Dance YEAR  -Student Registration Level 2
  4. Diamond Dance YEAR  -Teacher Registration
  5. Diamond Dance YEAR  -Assistant and Student Teacher Registration Primary

The registration page are:

  • Diamond Dance Student Registration for 1,2,3 above
  • Diamond Dance Teacher  Registration for 4 above
  • Diamond Dance Assistant and Student Teacher Registration for 5 above

At the start of each year remember to edit the Downloads to reflect the current YEAR and adjust the prices if required.






Create or export a Worshop Class List as Excel

Find the corresponding Registration for whose order id was not set and set it manually.

At the end of testing or before a new set of registrations, reset the previous registrations.