Insurance Information for our CDTA members.

The Executive Committee has been diligently working to provide our members with insurance options that suit your personal and/or studio needs.  Carrying proper coverage is crucial for your teaching, competitions, workshops, and more.  Our goal is to provide tools to assist you, our Members, in making an informed decision regarding insurance coverage.


  1. MKS Financial created a health/dental package exclusively for CDTA members. Obtaining coverage before illness is key, as insurance costs surge when pre-existing conditions exist.

The link for health/dental benefits is provided below.  Please keep our email address on hand in case you encounter any issues.  We are happy to provide support as needed during this early enrollment period.

  1. For our Members that are teachers but not studio owners, you might want to consider purchasing liability insurance.The Hub has a quick and easy online process that might work for you.

     3.  For our Members that are studio owners, “The Shepherd Group” is recommended to explore options that could benefit your business and ensure you have appropriate insurance coverage.

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