CDTA National Presents: Dance Jam – hosted by Saskatchewan Region

Event Date: Sunday October 2, 2022
Classes to be held In-Person and via Zoom (links will be emailed)
In-Person Location: 1919 Saskatchewan Dr, Regina, SK
DEADLINE: Wednesday September 28, 2022*

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Please Select one of the following: Level 1 Ages 7-9 (Preliminary - Grade 1 Level) Registration closed on 2022-08-01 Level 2 Ages 10-12 (Grade 2 - 3 Level) Registration closed on 2022-08-01 Level 3 Ages 13-15 (Grade 4 - Elementary Level) Registration closed on 2022-08-01 Level 4 Ages 15+ (Intermediate - Advanced Level) Registration closed on 2022-08-01 Teacher Registration closed on 2022-08-01
I understand that CDTA National and affiliates are in no way responsible for any loss of property or injury to myself or my dancer at the CDTA National Event: Dance Jam 2022.
I understand that pictures may be taken of myself or my dancer during CDTA National’s Super Sunday that may appear on the CDTA National website, social media pages, and/or in CDTA advertising.
I understand that, for copywrite purposes, filming/recording of the classes, dancers, and faculty is NOT allowed.
I understand that there will be No Observers