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Aims & History
The aims of the CDTA are to advance education in the field of dance and maintain throughout Canada an organization of qualified dance teachers.

The CDTA was formed in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, Ont in 1949. There are now Branches in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Provinces.

Organizational Structure
Branches: The Canadian Dance Teachers Association is a national organization with Branches across Canada. Each Branch of the Association has control and management of its own affairs and funds and is responsible for determining membership requirements, examination procedures and the qualifications and appointment of examiners for its Branch.

National Board: The National Board is consists of two directors from each Branch. The National Board assists the Branches, through liaison with the Branch Directors, in pursuing the aims of the Association.

Standing Committees: National committees are established by the National Board for individual dance disciplines. Each committee elects a discipline consultant to coordinate the activities of the individual dance disciplines.

How to Join
Each Branch grants membership to members residing in the province for which its Charter was issued. The following categories of membership are available: Patron, Affiliate, Associate, Member, Fellow, Life and Honourary Member. Patrons are Friends of the Association . Affiliates are teachers in training. But in general, membership in the association is by qualification and all applicants must satisfy the examination requirements of the individual discipline of the Branch to which application is made. Application forms and further information are available from each Branch executive.

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